Raylogic Control Systems Pvt. Ltd. was founded in Mumbai, India in 2009 to specialise in design and manufacture of control & automation equipment. A sister concern of Raytech Designs, Raylogic shares the same build quality and reliability of Raytech products but with a product offering targeted specially at automation of home, offices, boardrooms, lounges, spa's etc. A dedicated software and hardware team have spent several yearsand thousands of man hours in designing a simple yet sophisticated control system to fulfil the most demanding automation requirements.

Technology present in an average home or office today is far more complicated  than just a few remote controls and switches. The ability to use equipment to its potential is far more demanding process than imagined. The ability to integrate various different facets of living and technology via a simple user interface allowing a great deal of flexibility and most importantly ease of use.

Welcome to an exciting range of automation and touchscreen control products from Raylogic.

Typical Applications areas :
  • Whole Home Control
  • Home Theatre Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms / Conference Rooms & Boardrooms
  • Presentation & Training Facilities
  • Hotels - Guest Rooms & Banquets

Panels available:

Ipad Application:

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