Raylogic Control Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a sister concern of Raytech Designs which was founded in 1998 and is a dynamic company that focuses on the design and manufacture of digital lighting control systems. Its products are crafted with the Indian user in mind and are fabricated in-house, right down to every last line of code that is embedded in their customised processors. Simplicity and ease of use are the trademarks of every product. For over a decade, the company has built reliable digital dimming and control gear for entertainment and architectural lighting applications, designed especially to work under adverse Indian power conditions.

Dimming systems for Incandescent, Flourescent and LED lighting have been a main stay at Raytech for over a decade now. The entire range of dimming products allow creation of up to 60 “scenes” of lighting. A single touch on a control keypad then allows recalling a “scene” with a soft programmable fade time. Multiple dimmers with different lamp types may be configured to work as a single easy to use lighting system. All products feature RS-485 networking and a simple easy command set for easy integration with third party touch screen and automation systems. Legendary reliability with units being used across India in very adverse power conditions for over 10 years!Our products are self contained with each dimmer having a built – in power supply and communication bus, eliminating the need for additional accessories. Just a dimmer panel with our keypad which is a complete solution by itself.

Incandescent / Halogen Dimming
Our Dimming System has a vide range of options from 2 Amp to 10 Amp of load per group with a smooth dimming curve. This coupled with variable fade times makes it a very flexible solution Move your mouse over >>>

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Fluorescent Dimming
We provide digital as well as analogue options. Dimming for tube lights as well as CFLs ca easily be done.
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LED Strip Dimming & Colour Controls
Now, choose a colour for your mood. Multiple colour choices that can be preset with just a touch of a button. For a single colour LED strip control its intensity
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Shade & Curtain Controls
Open or close your curtains / shades and the possibility to integrate it with different light scenes.

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Shade Control
Switching Controls
These provide On-Off functionality which could be used for any device or light. It can then form a part of a scene or also integrate with an automation system.
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