TCS AG – a quality and performance orientated system supplier from Germany
Since the company was founded in 1995 TCS has manufactured state-of-the-art door communication systems using the non-polarized TCS:BUS technology the company has developed. TCS is now recognized as a leading company in modern building communication technology with its trail-blazing innovations.
Door-to-door communication from its first beginnings: time and space-saving quality at a price you can afford and which makes life noticeably easier. Easier for planners, for specialist dealers and for electricians; easier for property developers and managers and above all for residents. TCS offers the ideal solution to all problems regarding communication systems at a reasonable price and with low maintenance. Our product range is also suited for large- scale projects.
The comprehensive program TCS offers today covers not only video surveillance but also complex systems including call, emergency call and danger alert systems as well as resident information systems. All this technology is based on the reliable and innovative TCS:BUS.
Just see for yourself.
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Front-door stations
Hard-wearing, vandal proof and with a minimal projection of 16 mm – the series PAK not only shows its potential in multifamily houses with up to 8 homes, but can also be found at side entrances. The attractive Series PUK provide flush-mount front-door stations made from 3 mm front panels. The front-door stations with video include an camera, which integrates well into the front panel. more >>>

IP front-door stations
: to integrate directly into networks : for up to 4 homes : for flush-mount : optional in aluminium
or stainless steel

Building solutions
Installing the TCS display front-door stations you no longer have large, confusing bell panels with countless buttons and ever out-of-date or unreadable labels. Up to 1000 names can be easily and lucid displayed.

Communication Posts
The attractive, compact and clear appearance distinguishes the TCS call and communication posts applicable for all purposes. They can be used as front-door stations as well as information posts.

Cubic- Modular letterboxsystem flexible system for free-standing letterboxes :
Several combinations of letter boxes, door-communication
and labellings are possible : large variety in colors and fittings : for up to 12 letterboxes
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Indoor Stations


Classic stations

The compact construction and the clear design enables to use the Series IMM in a variety of applications in a flexible way in the housing and business area – with a minimal projection of 16 mm.

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Compact stations
With a 3.5“ display and an outstanding projection of only 19 mm, the series IUK also impresses with it‘s touch keys and it‘s extended functionality.

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Aluminium stations
Based on latest trends, this video indoor stations features black high-gloss acrylic glas embedded in anodised aluminium. An 3.5’’ or 5.6’’ display and metall buttons combined in an stylish design – hands-free talking made for demanding customers.

An 7’’ display, sensitive keys and a lot of techno- logical features – that`s skyline touchTM. By the well arraged OSD-menue it is even possible to receive massages from PC-central or to activate alarm functions.
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TCS over IP
With a SIP-gateway and a video-streamer, TCS offers the audiovisual bridge to networks. The audio transmission uses the SIP-standard which is very common in IP-telephony. Thus customary IP-telephone systems and IP-telephones can be used for door communication as well. As an alternative to IP-telephones, the TCS:softphone can be used at the PC.

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Customised items
In addition to serial products TCS offers standardized customised items, which enable to offer individual products on an economic basis. By different dimen- sions, engravings, markings and special features we meet our customer‘s requirements – everything made in the TCS typical compact construction

According to RAL-colors Anodised colors from the basic color aluminium

For engravings, the usual vector data and type faces will be processed. We can guarantee an optimal data processing using the type face „true type“ and the graphic format .dxf with outline. Other provided formats such as pixel graphics will be processed on request

For customer inquiries for customised items TCS has developed planning forms. Filling-in these planning forms, the customer formulates his exact ideas and sends it by fax to TCS requesting an offer. The planning forms contain the prevailing limits for changing the products.


Materials / Surfaces
Basic material aluminium – The surface aluminium will be offered anodised (E6 EV1). Basic material stainless steel – The surface stainless steel will be offerd grinded or radiated. Basic material brass polished, stove-enamelled or radiated – The front-door stations of the series PUK and AD can be produced in this material on request. Polished, nature The front-door stations of the series PUK and AD can be produced in this material on request. The customer will be informed about the consequences as the surface of the material is over time getting an oxide film
Code locks and readers / Customised access control

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