Changing just the lighting can make the look, feel and atmosphere of a room completely different  without changing any furniture or decorations. We provide digital dimming solutions where you can hit a button to change the lighting scene more>>
Lithoss offers you a high class product. Exclusivity goes hand in hand with a meticulous production process. Every plate is finished by hand after the machine process. This craftmanship means that every plate is a unique individual more>>
Control all your electronic devices and lights through a single touch panel. Intelligent to make the required changes for devices setting according to your choice. No more multiple remotes and setting to remember, just choose what you want and let the system take care of the rest more>>
Based on a brand new technology created in 1995, TCS developed functional products for standard door communication systems. During the development of the market for door communication, TCS created first black and white, then color video components more>>
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